How High Can You Go

From the Institute of Physics News:

physicists at the Institute of Physics have devised a formula that high-heel fans can use to work out just how high they can go. Based on your shoe size, the formula tells you the maximum height of heel you can wear without toppling over or suffering agonies.

Very amusing. I suppose this was written for men. As far as I know, most women don't have any trouble choosing high heels but it is a mystery to me how they manage to walk in some of them. I've never actually toppled over; I just get the uncomfortable feeling that I am going to if I take another step. Whatever the formula says it's probably wrong for me.

Later in the article.

Sorry but this is wrong too. I do buy shoes just because they are comfortable and they look good. (It's also nice if I can afford them but not absolutely necessary.) The article goes on to list a number of variables such as years of experience wearing high heels and units of alcohol consumed and some sillier ones like the number of months since the shoe was in fashion. It's all good for a laugh.

Found at Classics in Contemporary Culture, which, in the same post, also links to a list of 27 different types of women. (That link was working last night but not now.) I'm not in the list, which just proves what I've always known: that I'm one of a kind.