At 2 Blowhards, Vanessa, Michael's new blog partner, has posted the Chicago Tribune's list of 50 Best Magazines. Of course, none of my favorites are on the list. The only magazine I currently subscribe to is Smithsonian. There would be others if reading online didn't take up so much time. Others I have subscribed to in the past include Discover and Omni. I used to occasionally pick up a copy of Scientific American if there was something interesting on the cover but it's been a long time. For a while I was into decorating magazines like House Beautiful but never actually subscribed to any of them.

I won't criticize any of the 50 (although I could) but it seems like sort of an odd list. It includes both the typical yuppie magazines and special interest publications - Whole Dog Journal, Aperture, No Depression. And then there's People. So call me a "snoot" if you like but I think of People Magazine as rather low-brow. And no I am definitely NOT "denying the allure"; it has absolutely no allure for me at all, thank you. (But I said I wouldn't criticize, didn't I?)

It appears that whoever made the list was trying hard to be inclusive. There's a little of the popular, a little of the obscure and a little of the uppity. It's like any other "Best" list, I suppose - fun but meaningless.

Tulsa has been selected as the location for a 17 story tall statue called The American. I am very excited about this news.

The exact location where it will be built has not been decided yet. I am not familiar with most of the proposed sites. I think it would be appropriate to put it near Gilcrease Museum but last time I was there, several years ago, access to Gilcrease was rather inconvenient. The street leading to it is only two lanes wide. If the statue attracts as many visitors as everyone is hoping it will they would have to upgrade the streets. Of course, that might be the case at the other locations as well. Like I said I'm not familiar with any of the other proposed sites.