How Much is Enough... Or Too Much?

I don't know how many CDs I have. Last time I counted, I had less than 200, including individual CDs in sets, and I haven't bought many more since then. I know some people who think that's a lot and sometimes I feel like it's a lot. But, on the other hand, I know people whose CD or record collections number in 4 digits and that doesn't seem like too many, especially when I look through my CDs trying to decide what to play next and all I can find that I want to listen to is something that I listened to yesterday or the day before.

It's all a matter of having enough to get through a particular mood. Two hundred CDs would probably be enough if you liked only one kind of music - say, Baroque concerti, for example - but if you like music from the whole 1000+ year history of music 200 CDs isn't even a fair sampling. So, whatever I'm in the mood for - Baroque, Romantic symphonies, solo harpsichord, string quartets, unaccompanied choir, or whatever - I have, at most, enough to get through one or two days.

And yet, I'm embarrassed to add to my collection when I think about someone's eyes bugging out as they almost shriek, "You have how many CDs?" And, of course, I have to try to explain that it's not really that many. I know a guy who has over 4000. And as the eyes nearly fall out on the floor, "Oh my gosh! You're making that up! Where is this guy from anyway?" - "Well... uh... He lives in NY. He's just someone I used to talk to on the Internet." - "Oh, I see." So much meaning in those three little words. The Internet... NY... that explains it all!

Aside from what anyone thinks, (like I really care!) great music seems like such a luxury. Even though I'm a bargain shopper and most of my CDs cost less than $10, with some costing as little as $2, it feels horribly self-indugent and decadent to have so many.